The OM Collection Hires Click Then Convert To “Soft Sell” Their Way To +450% ROAS!


The OM Collection

The OM Collection is an ethical fashion e-Commerce brand that offers luxurious activewear, feminine loungewear, sustainable yoga clothing, and flowy clothes for women. Part fashion brand and part lifestyle consulting, The OM Collection brings mindfulness and vibrancy to all areas of their client's lives.



Go For The Throat! But do It Softly.

The OM Collection needed to lift its Average Order Value, so they hired us to design a series of promotional sales campaigns pushing for the on-brand and in-voice OM Collection “Soft Sell.” The result: A 450% increase in ROAS!



Brand Response To The Rescue

We needed to Sell. And hike up that AOV. But we needed to keep it soft and on-brand. We started with in-depth analysis and data-driven decisions leveraging our experience working with clients in similar industries. So we decided to run promo ads based on direct response techniques but infused with branding elements leading to compelling ad copy targeted to specific audiences while staying on brand.



Increase in ROAS


AOV up to over

1.49% to 3.27%

Increase in overall CTR



A Series Of Stellar “Branding” Campaigns That SELL!

Through active ad campaign management and ongoing optimizations, we launched several sitewide promos and special holiday sales on Facebook for The OM Collection while staying on brand and in voice. The result: An uptick of +450% in ROAS in less than 30 days!



AD Examples