Robin Golf Wanted To Hit 'Em Long & Straight, So They Hired Us To Keep It On The Fairway!

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Robin Golf

Robin Golf is a top-rated direct-to-consumer online golf shop offering a comprehensive premium golf club selection for men, women, and children of all abilities. Their overarching mission is to make golf simple, fun, and approachable for new people to get into the game.



Double-Digit Sales Growth

Robin Golf was frustrated with their online sales, so they hired us to swing them to greener greens. The result: A 100% increase in sales and a 200% increase in ROAS!

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Out With The Old. In With The New!

We started by optimizing their product feed & campaign structure. We then meticulously analyzed all of their competitors and worked tirelessly to exclude unprofitable products and focus on the most profitable ones. We then tweaked bidding strategies, audiences, and keyword relevance—our relentless efforts turned the account's overall performance around and shot their sales up by 100%.



Increase in sales


Decrease in Cost Per Sale


Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)



New Client Acquisitions By The Hundreds. Leading to 100% Growth in Sales Month Over Month!

The campaign covered many products over several categories, and business volume from our marketing strategy continues to grow. Through prolonging data integrity and utilizing past data references for preferable budget allocation, we were able to gain a 200% increase in ROAS. And through employing categorization, standard feed optimization, and continual ad content optimization while eliminating redundant search queries, we were also able to decrease Cost Per Sale by 120%.

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