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Isaacs & Isaacs is an established law firm servicing clients in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Darryl Isaacs co-founded Isaacs & Isaacs with his late father, Sheldon N. Isaacs, in 1993. Over the past 20+ years, their firm has helped thousands of clients and has recovered more than 1 billion dollars in settlements for clients across Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.



+265% Increase in Leads within 3 Months!

Darryl Isaacs understands the potential value of “the PPC’s” so he put histrust in us to take the helm and sail their PPC efforts to open waters.



Extensive Competitor Analysis, Meticulous Media Planning,& Strategic Campaign Structure

We built new landing pages for Isaacs & Isaacs with customized professional UX/UI design and copy to improve their Ad Rank and Quality Score. We then launched the new campaign customized to the firm’s target geolocations and casetypes. Landing Page optimization was then applied to improve the conversion rate by split testing copy, headlines, and CTA’s. We then used an automated bidding strategy and call-only ads to drive quality leads for the firm. Leading to conversion rates shooting up by over 114% and a decrease in cost per lead by 30%.



Media Budget


Interaction Rate




Cost Per Lead


Conversion Rate


Inbound (Leads) Phone Calls



No Surprises. Delivering Consistency is Key for This HappyLong-Term Client!

After an initial testing period, we followed an Agile Strategy to optimize the campaign in stages, increasing its Conversion Rate and Lead Quality in just three months. We did it through constant and open communication with our client—locking down key words and search terms with appropriate negative keywords, finding optimal bid patterns and ad groups, and optimizing Ad Rank, Quality Score, and Landing Pages. The results: Inbound leads up by over 260% with triple-digit growth in conversions while reducing costs by over 30%.



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