Click Then Convert Helps 150+ Franchisees Kick Their Advertising Efforts Into High Gear!


AR Workshop

AR Workshop is an inspiring and charming boutique workshop franchise that not only offers classes but sells unique and beautiful retail items—starting as a popular graphic design, party styling, DIY blog, and online shop. Anders Ruff® quickly evolved into the AR Workshop® brand and, in less than three years, blew up as one of the nation's “craftiest” franchises with more than 150 franchise locations across the country.



Create a Marketing Playbook & Ad Library for 150+ Franchisees while Launching and Scaling Corporate Paid Ads

AR Workshop was in serious expansion mode growing their 150+ unit franchise business. The trouble was that none of the individual franchisees had any idea on what to do about paid advertising, how to set up, create ads, or even run anything on Facebook or Google—a crucial strategy for their type of local business!



Teach AR Workshop’s 150+ Franchisees How To Make PPC Advertising Profitable and Work for Each One of Them

AR Workshop Corporate was having a tough time instructing its franchisees on how to run successful paid ads. So they hired us to teach them how to do it all from start to launch. We began by offering individual franchisee training and development web classes and open Q&A sessions. Then we developed an easy-to-use 58-page Facebook Ads Manager playbook and a 47-page Google Ads Playbook for all franchisees to have as a resource. We then created a Pick & Play copywriting and creative “swipe file” for each franchisee, with over 100+ Evergreen Facebook ads for franchisees to pick from for the whole year.


3 New

Store openings


Evergreen Facebook Ads


Pages of guides, playbooks, etc.



150+ Franchisees Get a Solid, Profitable, and Easy to Follow Blueprint For Google & Facebook

We successfully launched three new store openings for AR Workshop and developed the necessary blueprints, frameworks, and guides for corporate to efficiently train existing and new franchisees on how to run paid advertising on Google & Facebook..



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