Cold Traffic Hack: Click Then Convert Helps #1 Online School for App Entrepreneurs Crack The Code For Growth!


Apps Without Code

Apps Without Code is an online school teaching people how to build their own apps (without code) & make money from them. They also provide done-for-you services where they create apps for customers. Their CEO is a prominent female founder listed on Forbes 30 under 30. Apps Without Code is the #1 Online School for App Entrepreneurs!



Reduce Apps Without Code’s Dependency on Facebook For Cold Traffic Conversions

Apps Without Code hired us to scale their flagship ‘Bootcamp Course’ and agency services. The result: A solid 107% increase in Leads and 16% in ROI.



In-Depth Audience Research & A New Cold Traffic Hypothesis

Before they came to us, non-Facebook cold traffic conversions were just a myth for Apps Without Code. They had been overly dependent on Facebook and had been seeing diminishing returns. We meticulously mapped out their existing (demographic) community profiles and redesigned the Landing Page and entire funnel. We then set up a new (and better) source of cold traffic leads for them on Google Ads. We then went on to trace out their existing community interests and ran video ads on Youtube to similar audiences. The results were an immediate increase in leads and double-digit cost savings



Cost Per Lead


Increased leads


Increased ROI


Conversion rates



A Lasting Runway For Ongoing Growth

It all started with our comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization Audit & Action Plan. We then ran engaging video ad campaigns on Youtube and compelling text ads on Google to unlock a multi-channel approach and give them a new runway for ongoing and sustainable growth from their FB-only dependency.



AD Examples